Professional Artisans Co-op Mission Statement

  • To restore and preserve the tradition of the art and craft show as a place where customers can go to meet artisans and to find quality handcrafted products.

  • To provide venues where artists can display and sell their works for reasonable space rental fees, and in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation with their fellow artists.

  • To make certain that all fees charged to the artists and other vendors go to setting up the shows and advertising, rent, insurance, and whatever other expenses are incurred.

  • To create a self-sufficient structure, free of dues, contracts and restrictive commitments, in which the participating artisans share responsibility, individually and as a group, for such crucial basic tasks as promotion, advertising, mutual assistance with setting up, providing security, post-event clean-up, and any other necessary tasks.

  • To engage the communities in which the shows are held in ways that will benefit them and their residents, and leave them looking forward to our next event in their area.

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