Bruce and Gail Hasty

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Stampede Photography

At Stampede Photography we use the art of photography to artistically capture nature, wildlife and scenic photography in their natural environment. All exhibited photography is taken by our family Bruce and Gail Hasty and our daughter Jenn Freeman.

Bruce studied at the University of Georgia and College of the Redwoods studying Ansel Adams technique for black and white photography. Traveling across the country working in the construction industry gave me the opportunity to photograph many iconic sites in the United States, mainly for my personal enjoyment. With the advent of the digital age a new love for photography rekindled. Being able to use black and white techniques in the digital world has brought new meaning to the art of photography.

Gail has a creative ability that has been exhibited in the craft business for over twenty- five years. She has taken that talent to the next level by using photography as a medium to bring a scene to life, capturing what you see in an artistic way illustrating the art of photography.

Jenn studied photography for three years in high school. two years at Sierra College and took classes at Western Nevada College. Being brought up in the digital world Jenn has a through knowledge of the camera and the digital processing of an image that exemplifies an artistic creation illustrating the art of photography.

We at Stampede Photography enjoy going to historical and spectacular areas of the of the country and capturing these areas with the art of photography. To our patrons if you have been looking for that special scene, let us know and we will try to capture that all important scene.

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