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Hey everyone.........Gary Jensen here creating one of a kind art that makes people smile and relate to. I’ve worked in a unique medium that has blessed me with so much enjoyment over more than 2 decades. I’m talking about pressed flower & leaf landscape scenes, and pressed flower & leaf arrangements.

It’s so amazing to take natural plant material, and form it into landscape scenes I see all around me. In fact, no matter how many pieces I make, I’m always in awe when finishing a scene, “Hey, I actually created that! I can’t believe it!”

Each picture is signed, dated, numbered, and titled. I love to include what each part of the scene is made from. It is special to create scenes of the areas I’m showing in.

I’m excited to be a founding member of this great group of artists and friends called Professional Artisans Co-op. Hope you get a chance to catch some or all of the art & craft shows we put on. Please feel free to contact me for custom work or to find out the shows I have a booth in.

I’m here to make you smile! Come by my booth and say hi, and check out my unique art. As I like to say...”from my garden to your home.” Enjoy!

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